Focus on the solution, not the problem

Focus on the solution, not the problem

May 29, 2019

Binny Feinmesser, student from Edgware, England, studying Computer Engineering at JCT

The American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn is famously quoted as saying, “Focus on the solution, not on the problem.” 

And I must say that I, as an aspiring computer coder, and the college I attend, the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT), truly take that statement to heart. 

I am a computer coder – and I learned this practice during my studies as a second-year student at the Jerusalem College of Technology’s International Program in English, where I have the ability to study Torah and technology simultaneously.

What I like most about coding is simple: the problem solving. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when overcoming a particular challenge.

And the symmetry to the school that makes it all possible — the Jerusalem College of Technology — is apparent. They also saw a problem, sorry – an opportunity, rather. 

They saw no other institution in Israel able to provide its students with a balance of Torah study and tech study. And furthermore, no institution that is affordable, fully accredited and in Judaism’s Holiest City of Jerusalem. 

They, too, like to solve problems. 

I’m from Edgware, a beautiful suburb in the north part of London, which was a great place to grow up. However, I knew from an early age that my heart belonged in Israel. When I was studying there in Yeshiva, JCT was an institution that kept coming up in conversation in my quest to continue my religious studies but also partake in broader computer studies, as I knew it was crucial for my future. In America and England, they have a couple options that provide both aspects, but JCT seemed to be by far the best (and only) one in Israel.

Living as a Jew in London was great, yet I always worried about the next stage in life and truly feeling part of a community. Having now moved to Jerusalem, I have found thousands of people with shared values, which is really incredible. In general, living in Israel really feels like home, with millions of Jews acting like brothers and sisters no matter how they dress or speak – always looking out for you even if they have never met you. This is something that I simply didn’t find existed back in London. 

For me, life always comes to down balance. We are better beings when we find balance in our lives and I appreciate JCT so much for ensuring I can remain balanced, not having to choose between the way I practice Judaism or a secular education. JCT ensures that my mornings are devoted purely to learning Torah, and having that time scheduled in the day is so important to me. Additionally, the mentality that you are not trying to do something against the grain, that you are in a community where everyone else has the same struggles of finding time and trying to have dual priorities, really gives me the motivation to continue trying to do what I feel is right. 

When I got to JCT I had zero experience whatsoever in coding. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I only heard good things about the profession and that it was in high demand. However, I enjoy being presented with new challenges, and as a coder, new challenges arise on a minute-by minute basis. And that’s similar to life – certainly for someone from England living in Israel. Whether it’s the language, bureaucracy (trust me, there is a lot), cultural differences, or the like, different challenges arise every day. However, I hope and plan to continue to focus on the solutions, and not the problems.