MK Yizhar Shai: Israel has much to gain from ultra-Orthodox community

August 19, 2019

JCT Vice President Stuart Hershkowitz, JCT President Prof. Chaim Sukenik, MK Yizhar Shai. 

A tour of the Jerusalem College of Technology Lev Academic Center, reveals how the fusion of the ultra-orthodox in technology can be a boon for the Israeli economy.

MK Yizhar Shai from the Blue and White Party, expressed his belief that the Israeli economy has much to gain from the ultra-Orthodox community while touring the Jerusalem College of Technology Lev Academic Center (JCT).

“Approximately 4,500 students learn here and some 2,000 of those are male and female Haredi students. Integrating these students can become perhaps the most important development for the Israeli economy and society in general,” Shai said.

“People come from different societal strands, learn together, some of them also live together, all for the ultimate purpose to advance their education and earn money. Together, these contributions enrich the fabric of Israeli life, economy and the resilience of the State of Israel.”

Founded in 1969,  JCT is a leader in empowering religious men and women by training them at the highest level in engineering, accounting, business and health sciences.

Shai saw first hand how the JCT educates and trains members of the ultra-Orthodox community, helping them integrate into Israeli society and find work.

Students of JCT told Shai that the uniqueness of the JCT was that it allowed them to on the one hand study at a high and rigorous level, and on the other, to be in an environment that accommodates their religious requirements.

Another key element of the JCT programs is how vocationally focused the studies are. MK Shai commented how impressed he was with how graduates find work after their studies – 93% of JCT students find employment after graduation.

President of JCT, Prof. Chaim Sukenik, added: “The academic framework at the Jerusalem College of Technology is geared to both the needs of the market and of Haredi students. Accordingly, we record very high placement percentages among our graduates who have taken up significant positions in the industry. This allows them to earn a living and, in turn, the Israeli economy also earns quality manpower.”

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