Dr. Dov Rubin

Dr. Dov Rubin is an expert in non-invasive medical technologies. Prior to his current position as CEO of Lev-EL Diagnostics, Dov was President & CEO of Itamar-Medical (TASE) developing state-of-the-art biomedical products for non-invasive, early detection of heart disease & obstructive sleep apnea.

He was Sr. VP at HealthWatch Technologies creating textile ECG-sensing garments communicating to smartphones for around-the-clock personal monitoring. He also developed the 1st transcutaneous oxygen sensor (Radiometer) and the 1st digital patient ventilator (Puritan Bennett). Dov was co-founder of NDS (NASDAQ), the leading supplier of secure digital TV delivery to over 350 million worldwide viewers which he started in 1988 along with News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch earning annual revenues of $850M and ultimately acquired by Cisco for $5B.
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